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Helia-D has just released their new product line, Hydramax, specifically developed for young skin, and the brand ambassador for this line is none other than Hungarian […]

According to our online survey conducted last fall, the name Helia-D is the first that comes to mind for most Hungarian women when they think of […]

Puffiness around the eyes is a common phenomenon that can make your face look more worn down and tired. Fortunately, puffiness under the eyes is not […]

In the summer, many people enjoy sunbathing and forget one of the most important things – moderation. But once the damage is done, there’s nothing you […]

The use of face serums is becoming increasingly popular these days, as they contain the active ingredients in a more concentrated from than creams and are […]

What is the beauty ideal of our time? A tall, slender, toned and muscular body, regular features and, of course, lush, strong, healthy and shiny hair. […]

When young, everyone has youthful, ashen skin, but as the years go by, sooner or later the first small crow’s feet appear, followed by deeper wrinkles. […]

Facial skin needs special care, as it is much more sensitive than the rest of the body, and we can’t hide our face from the outside […]

Anyone interested in conscious skin care, and more specifically anti-aging treatments, will have heard of retinol, one of the most popular and potent “skin rejuvenating” ingredients. […]

Although ageing is a natural process, it is not easy to accept. Women in particular want to keep their youthfulness as long as possible, and many […]