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Uniquely developed moisturising formula with selected active ingredients. The components of the Officina Hydra Complex (including hyaluronic acid, allantoin, glycerin and urea) have excellent water retaining capabilities, they provide intensive and long-lasting hydration, improve the elasticity of the skin and also have a revitalizing effect.

Restoring the skin hydration is an important part of the treatment of dehydrated skin. Therefore, in addition to the emollient ingredients that prevent water loss, it is essential to infuse water into the skin with substances that can bind it.

The so-called humectant ingredients help to bind water because they have properties that allow them to attract water molecules.

Such water-binding ingredients include hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerol, peptides or aloe vera.


Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan, hyaluronate) is a natural high molecular weight carbohydrate that can bind several times its own weight in water. It is an important bastion of the body’s ability to retain moisture, and it is found naturally in varying degrees in our organs and tissues.

The total amount of hyaluronic acid in the human body is about 15 grams, 30% of which is broken down daily. 56% is found in the skin, 35% in the muscles and bones and 9% in the joint fluid and intercellular fluid. However, as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our bodies steadily decreases. This decline is most noticeable in the facial skin, as our skin stores a major part of the hyaluronic acid found in our bodies. During the ageing process, the volume of the facial skin gradually decreases, the surface of the skin becomes flabby and small and deeper wrinkles appear.

Hyaluronic acid was first discovered by medical science in the 1930s, and it soon proved to be a promising ingredient with a great potential, as it is a pure substance that does not cause irritation, because it is naturally present in the body.


Hydrating hyaluronic acid serum

Hydrating serums, which contain concentrated active hydrating ingredients, are characterized by a light, watery consistency and are labelled with the word hydration on the product packaging. The combination of low to medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid in these serums allows the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, so that the hydration last longer.

Hydrating hyaluronic acid booster

Hydrating boosters contain higher molecular weight or cross-linked hyaluronic acid, act more on the surface of the skin and visibly refill and hydrate the skin surface almost instantly.

„Moisturising” – nourishment, softening


In addition to the hyaluronic acid, moisturising face creams and lotions also contain other additional ingredients such as urea, allatoin, glycerin and vegetable oils, which help the skin retain moisture.
Hydration therefore refers specifically to the presence of hydrating active ingredients in the cosmetics, such as hyaluronic acid, and refers to immediate absorption/hydration. The term moisturizer refers to the combination of hydrating and nourishing, caring and moisture retaining active ingredients in a given product.