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Caffeine shampoo for stronger and thicker hair

What is the beauty ideal of our time? A tall, slender, toned and muscular body, regular features and, of course, lush, strong, healthy and shiny hair. And those, who want to live up to these standards will do almost anything to shape themselves to meet them. For example, regular use of a caffeine shampoo is a good way to strengthen hair, as it can make a visible difference in just a few months.

Why caffeine?

Most of us start the day with a cup of delicious black coffee, and this caffeine gives us a boost to get us going in the morning. It’s a compound that stimulates heart function, boosts the metabolism, and is known for its diuretic, stimulating, brain-boosting, and physical stamina-enhancing effects.

If you reach for a coffee mug as soon as you wake up, you’ll be alert and energized in about half an hour, and it’s also very effective in overcoming the “food coma” that comes after a hearty lunch. For those who do not like the taste of coffee, it can also be consumed in tablet form.

What far fewer people know about caffeine, however, is that in addition to its energizing properties, it also has many advantages in beauty treatments. When applied to the skin, for example, it improves microcirculation, tightens and revitalizes the skin, and it also has antioxidant properties.

It also excels in hair care, as caffeine shampoos are very effective in stopping hair loss, as well as in making the hair thicker and strengthening hair follicles. So if you’re struggling with hair loss and weakened hair, it’s definitely worth a try.

How does caffeine shampoo work?

Only a small part of caffeine consumed in the form of coffee reaches the scalp, so if you’re looking to specifically strengthen hair, we recommend the Regenero Hair Strengthening Shampoo for spectacular results. This product contains the aforementioned caffeine and 26 herbal extracts, which can make hair stronger, more manageable and healthier, and it can also reduce hair loss.

When you wash your hair, the caffeine in the shampoo is absorbed through the hair follicles in just a few minutes. It then stimulates cell metabolism, stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. The herbal extracts stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which is important for the functioning of the hair follicles. This is how caffeine shampoo can also help to make thinning hair luscious again.

In addition, some studies have shown that caffeine also reduces scalp dryness, which is important because the scalp protects the hair follicles from external damage, but if this “line of defense” is inadequate, it is a straight line to weakening hair and hair loss.

It’s a good idea to leave the caffeine shampoo on the scalp for a few minutes when you wash your hair, so it has more time to work. After rinsing, use other hair care products (conditioner, hair end treatment) to give your hair an even more complex care.

How to use coffee-grounds?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you usually throw the grounds in the garbage, which is a shame as it’s a very valuable raw material! When mixed with coconut or olive oil, it can be used as a scrub or hair conditioner. On more relaxed days, it’s worth using some of these at-home beauty tricks, which are a little more time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

However, make sure even during the busy weekdays that you don’t neglect the regular use of cosmetics that suit your skin type, as with just a few minutes a day you can do a lot for your beauty.