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What can you do about wrinkles?

When young, everyone has youthful, ashen skin, but as the years go by, sooner or later the first small crow’s feet appear, followed by deeper wrinkles. Wrinkled skin is a natural part of ageing, although it’s not easy to accept. But the good news is that you don’t have to, because with conscious skin care you can do a lot to delay the appearance of wrinkles for as long as you can and you can even smooth out the existing ones.

Let’s start at the beginning: what causes wrinkles?

In professional circles, two causes of skin ageing are distinguished: external and internal factors. The former refers to external, environmental influences, while the latter refers to those that take place inside the body.

Studies have shown that external causes are much more responsible for the premature ageing of the skin, as they cause wrinkles more quickly and more noticeably. What are they? The first and most harmful is sunlight, or more specifically its UV radiation. This is followed by air pollution and smoking, which contributes to the forming of winkles not only if you actively smoke, but even if your are exposed to passive smoking.

Internal causes include diseases, hormonal changes, significant weight fluctuations, as well as facial expressions and, of course, genetic predispositions.

And let’s not forget age, as the passing years leave their mark on our skin – in the form of wrinkles, for example.

How to care for wrinkled skin?

Naturally, wrinkled skin needs special care. At this point, moisturizers for normal skin will no longer be enough, but special firming cosmetics are needed.

The main feature of these products is that, in addition to the general skincare ingredients, they also contain ingredients that specifically combat wrinkles. For example: Matrixyl 3000, Argirelox, Ameliox or argan stem cells.

In addition to using anti-wrinkle creams, you should also use a face serum, exfoliating products, an eye wrinkle cream for the eye area, and maybe take a beauty vitamin to combat wrinkles not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

However, it’s also important to choose products that are age-appropriate; for example the Cell Concept 65+ Anti-wrinkle Cream gives over-65s the extra care that wrinkled skin at this age absolutely needs.

Can wrinkles be prevented?

Although wrinkles cannot be avoided completely, as skin ageing is a natural biological process, it makes a great difference when we have to face the first wrinkle lines! As mentioned above, harmful environmental influences are largely responsible for wrinkles, but fortunately they are easy to counteract.

Avoid smoking (even passive smoking) and put a lot of emphasis on protection against sunlight. Use cosmetics with sunscreen every day and be careful, when you sunbathe in the summer months.

Always listen to your skin’s signals and use them to choose the cosmetics you use in your daily skincare routine. Let’s not forget the fact that our skin – and our beauty – needs to be nourished from the inside, and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet and plenty of fluids are essential.

Naturally, wrinkled skin cannot be avoided in old age even with a conscious lifestyle, but it makes a great deal of difference whether the first crow’s feet appear at 30 or 50.