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We believe in the marriage of tradition and innovation: we are combining traditional wisdom with modern science and creating clean, natural formulas, avoiding parabens, artificial colorants and mineral oil.


The history of one of the most well-known Hungarian cosmetics brands began in the 1980s


The legacy of Helia-D began forty years ago in a small Hungarian village, Szigethalom, where for months hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people would line up in front of the house of a lovely old lady who was known for making “miracle creams”.

The creams were known to reduce wrinkles and to make the skin feel smooth and fresh. The news of the “miracle creams” caught the attention of local TV and radio and fortunately also by the largest pharmaceutical factory in the country.

Together with university researchers, the pharmaceutical company identified the active ingredients of the “miracle creams” and was used in the development of the Helia-D product line.

Soon, after the launch of the Helia-D creams, tens of hundreds and thousands of ladies could be seen standing in long queues outside the perfumes shops across the country to buy the Helia-D miracle creams.

The success of Helia-D was not limited to the Hungarian market and became internationally acclaimed. Within a few years, the Helia-D brand became a sought-after product from Paris to Seoul.

However, the world of Helia-D was turned upside down when the pharmaceutical company manufacturing the Helia-D products sold the factory, the perfume shops, and the Helia-D brand to a large multinational company and in the absence of love and attention, Helia-D was put to sleep.


Péter Budaházy, an investor, purchased this legendary face cream brand in 2004, making it into a 21st century brand, while preserving its traditions.


We base our innovation using tradition to link the history of cosmetics to the present and future of beauty to define our presence in the market.

The Herba Castle, owned by Helia-D, is a world heritage site, is a stunning 17th-century Baroque mansion to an open herb garden and beauty centre in Tolcsva, in the heart of the famous Tokaj Wine Region. The Herbal House is surrounded by a thematic garden of 24 herbs used in cosmetics. Inside, is a museum that has a display of the history of the Hungarian beauty industry and the story of previous noble owners of the mention.

Our Helia-D Professional salons offer the latest in advanced skin and body technology using the Helia-D Professional Skincare products.

Friendly, expert cosmetic professionals invite you to enjoy relaxing and invigorating treatments at our salons in Budapest.

Choose from a range of treatments that include exclusive facials, laser, mesotherapy, weight loss and health beneficial machines, tattooing and lash treatments. This can all be enjoyed as a spa vacation destination at the Pest salon located near the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

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