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Beginner and advanced routine after facial cleansing

Facial skin needs special care, as it is much more sensitive than the rest of the body, and we can’t hide our face from the outside world. Conscious skincare starts with creating a proper facial cleansing routine that gives your skin the care it needs every morning and night.

What products are needed for your facial cleansing routine?

Well, this is mainly determined by skin type and any possible skin problems. After all, it’s a given that you need to use completely different products for dry skin and for example oily and acne-prone skin.

So, as step zero you should always determine your skin type and the problem you want to tackle, and then choose your cosmetics accordingly. What exactly will you need? Let’s find out!

Quick and easy basic routine for beginners

Even people who don’t have particularly problematic skin and aren’t too familiar with the world of skincare products need a proper facial cleansing routine. Even they can’t neglect the basic steps and products, so they can keep their skin healthy and beautiful for a long time. Also, it’s worth starting conscious skincare in your early twenties, as you need to take care of your skin even then.

The first step in a facial cleansing routine is washing away impurities, make-up residue, sweat and sebum. Instead of plain tap water and soap, use a special cleanser, such as the Officina Care Concept Foam Face Wash, which gently removes impurities and can also be used on sensitive skin.

Once all that is washed off, you have to options for the next step, depending on the time of day: in the morning, use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, as this protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, and can also delay the signs of premature ageing.

At night, however, you can safely use a face cream without sunscreen over your entire face, including around the eyes. And at night it doesn’t even matter if the product is a little slower to absorb; in return, your skin will be beautifully soft and smooth in the morning.

Advanced professional facial cleansing routine also suitable for problem skin

For those who are more experienced in skincare, or have wrinkles, or dry, acne-prone or other demanding skin, a more thorough facial cleansing routine using products with a higher level of active ingredients is needed.

Naturally, the first step here will be also to wash your face, which can even be done in two parts: first wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in Officina Hydra Concept micellar water, then wash your face with a face wash that can be rinsed off with water.

Now use a toner, which soothes the skin, tightens enlarged the pores, helps the dry skin to retain water and gets rid of the last traces of impurities.

If your skin is already spotlessly clean, then in the morning you can start with a face serum that has concentrated active ingredients, so it offers targeted help with wrinkles or with hydrating dry skin. Afterwards, of course, don’t forget the moisturizer + sunscreen combo.

And in the evening, after cleansing, use a chemical exfoliating product to help get rid of dead skin cells and speed up skin renewal. Follow it up with the tried-and-tested serum, then finish it with a richly hydrating night cream to complete the evening face cleansing routine.