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Six questions and six answers about using face serums

The use of face serums is becoming increasingly popular these days, as they contain the active ingredients in a more concentrated from than creams and are therefore generally more effective. But only if you use the right type of serum and use it correctly, so let’s look at some frequently asked questions!

Do serums help with all skin problems?

Serums can help with a variety of skin problems, but you can’t use one product to solve all of them. There is no one universal serum that is good for everything, there are several types of serums, each containing different active ingredients.

Serums containing retinol, for example, are known for their anti-wrinkle and collagen production stimulating effects and are therefore recommended for ageing skin. Serums with Niacinamide can be a great help for those with oily skin, as it regulates sebum production and tightens the pores. Use a face serum containing vitamin C to fade pigmentation spots. And serums with hyaluronic acid are great for hydrating dry skin.

So you can see that each serum has its own benefits, so always choose according to the skin problem you want to address.

Does the use of face serums replace moisturisers?

No, while serums have an important place in your face care routine, they are not a substitute for the three essential products: cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser. Not all serums are meant to hydrate, so be sure to apply your usual moisturiser after using them! Serums only make your skin care routine more effective, more complete.

Why is a serum more expensive than a face cream?

This is simply because they contain more active ingredients and are often more complex and expensive to make. But don’t let this put you off, as you only need a few drops of these products at a time, so they are economical despite their smaller size. It could easily happen that you need to buy, for example, cleanser or moisturiser more often than face serums, even if you use them daily.

Can I use more than one face serum in a routine?

Yes, although it’s important to wait a few minutes between the application of each product for it to soak in and only then apply the next one! Use only a maximum of 2-3 serums at the same time, and start with the application of the lighter, more watery formulas and finish with the fuller, oilier ones.

Another option is to alternate them, for example use the retinol serum in the evening, the vitamin C serum in the morning, the hyaluronic acid serum every other day and the salicylic acid serum every 2-3 days.

Should I wash off the face serums from my skin?

No, face serums, like creams, are “leave-in” cosmetics, so they should remain on the skin and should not be washed off, so they can be absorbed properly and work properly. There is one exception to this rule: if you experience irritation, burning or redness, then wash off the product immediately, as your skin may be sensitive to some of the active ingredients.

If a retinol serum causes irritation, we recommend to get your skin gradually accustom to it, starting with lower concentrations and less frequent use!

At what age should I start using face serums?

Of course, there is no specific age limit, an anti-acne serum can be used as early as your teenage years, while serums containing anti-wrinkle ingredients are mostly recommended for people over the age of 30. The key is that your face care routine should not only consist of serums, but also of other good quality cosmetics that work together to make your skin healthy and glowing.