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Argirelox, the anti-wrinkle expert

Although ageing is a natural process, it is not easy to accept. Women in particular want to keep their youthfulness as long as possible, and many of them even resort to medical interventions and plastic surgery to achieve this. However, for those who are more cautious, they can stick to anti-wrinkle agents such as Argirelox, which is also effective against expression wrinkles.

What is Argirelox?

Without getting too much into biochemistry and using complicated technical terms, let’s look at the main characteristics of this active substance. Argirelox is made up from two different peptides (protein particles) that work together to reinforce each other’s ability to eliminate expression wrinkles. As it is applied to the skin, this substance relaxes the muscles and can reduce muscle contractions.

It is also known as “Botox without needles”, because it has a similar effect, but does not need to be injected into the skin with a needle, but can be applied to the skin surface. This makes it completely painless to use and there are no long-term side effects. For minor wrinkles, there is visible change after a short time, and with prolonged use, even deeper lines can disappear.

What products include Argirelox?

Products containing Argirelox are mainly used by cosmeticians for facial treatments. But these are professional products that require expertise to use. But even if you don’t go to a beauty salon, you don’t have to give up this active ingredient, as it’s also included in the Helia-D Professional Argirelox Peptide Solution wrinkle remover serum.

The product is recommended for everyone with tired, faded or wrinkled skin. As the regular use of the serum will firm the skin and fade and smooth out wrinkles.

For maximum effectiveness, it should be used after a thorough facial cleansing, by massaging it into the skin with a circular motion.

What else can we do to prevent wrinkles?

As advanced as the cosmetics industry is today, the elixir of eternal youth has unfortunately still not been invented, so we cannot avoid the passage of time. However, this does not mean that we should resign to the inevitable, because with conscious beauty care we can even achieve an appearance years off our real age.

Besides firming the skin you should also remember to moisturize regularly, as skin can only stay elastic and smooth if it is not dehydrated. Sun protection is just as important, as harmful UV rays are largely responsible for the aging of the skin.

Even if you don’t get into a longer daily facial treatment routine, the thorough cleansing, proper moisturizing and the use of an Argirelox serum should nevertheless be a regular part of your daily routine.

And as time permits, feel free to have a “home wellness day”, where it’s all about recharging your body and mind. Take your time with a relaxing bath, a thorough exfoliation, body care, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow trimming, facials… whatever you feel like.

Of course, a visit to a beauty salon and leaving it all to a professional also has its advantages, but if you don’t have this option, home wellness can be the perfect solution.

And in our everyday lives, we should strive to take care of our skin with the right cosmetics so we can keep our natural beauty as long as possible.