The history of one of the most well-known Hungarian cosmetics brands began in the 1980s: viewers could get acquainted with an old lady in a TV interview, who, despite her age, kept her freshness and youthfulness in her face thanks to her own cream made from the material obtained from the sunflower stalk.
The story was noticed by the Biogal Pharmaceuticals Factory, who then began to research the secret of the sunflower. The results were so convincing that they soon created the first Helia-D product line and brand. Since then, Helia-D has been a symbol of the Hungarian cosmetics industry.

Our goal has since been to produce high-quality and effective cosmetics that become essential companions in skin care.


Our cosmetics have been produced from the very beginning with the use of natural herbal substances, that we constantly develop and expand using the latest research results. Our products are rich in valuable herbal extracts (sunflower stem, marigold, plant stem cell extracts), moisturizing natural vegetable oils (grape seed, argan, jojoba oil, shea butter) and vitamins to help keep your skin’s beauty as long as possible.
In addition to the original Classic range, we are constantly looking for new developments and striving to meet the needs of today’s ladies who are increasingly favoring more natural herbal ingredients and the most effective cosmetics. Therefore, we consider it important to avoid parabens, mineral oils and artificial dyes in our products.
We believe in the marriage of tradition and innovation: we are combining traditional wisdom with modern science.

We are creating clean, natural formulas, avoiding parabens, artificial colorants and mineral oil.

We have our own, unique, internally developed natural ingredients and healing herbs like the Tokaji aszú and the sunflower stem extract.

We are also using high-tech active ingredients, like plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and retinol.


Szigethalom is the hometown of the widely known Hungarian cosmetics product range: Helia-D. Their characteristic black design and special active ingredient – sunflower stalk extract – have conquered the whole world. Péter Budaházy, an investor, purchased this legendary face cream brand in 2004, making it into a 21st century brand, while preserving its traditions.



New rejuvenating product range for 4 age groups
Rejuvenating + Anti-wrinkle Creams 65+ – with alp rose stem cell extract, MATRIXYL 3000, hyaluronic acid
Cell Renewal + Anti-wrinkle Creams 55+ – with argan stem cell extract, retinol, Ameliox and Lipogard
Firming + Anti-wrinkle Creams 45+ – with orchid stem cell extract, retinol, Gladback™ and Lipogard
Deep-moisturising + Anti-wrinkle Creams 35+ – with cranberry stem cell extract, retinol, Homeostatine™ and Lipogard


The history of the Helia-D Classic range began with the sunflower extract. Products have been popular for over 30 years. As a result of continuous research and development, the formulation of creams and hence their effectiveness is improved. Conventional and highly effective ingredients have been supplemented with new ones, such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 or, for example, tuberose extract. We also try to make the packaging more aesthetic, but also more practical.


The Helia-D Botanic Concept range is based on the Tokaji aszú essence’s nutritive and skin cell renewing effect. This unique ingredient also catalyzes the effect of the other components. Grape seed oil helps to regenerate collagen in tissues, shea butter, marigold and sunflower oil, provitamin B5 and vitamin E hydrate, nourish and protect the skin with their antioxidant effect, promote regeneration and regeneration. The range of products is constantly expanding.


The Helia-D Aquaboom range is a “miracle weapon” for people in the 20-45 age group with dry skin. Aquaboom products are specially designed for high-performance, light texture, quick hydration. During the development, we have always been careful to create an allergen-free gel with the sole use of natural materials. The creams are immediately and completely absorbed, do not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, provide light and quick hydration for all skin types.


The Helia-D hair care product line is based on the Regenero Herbal Complex, which contains 26 herbs, such as chanterelles, chamomile, marigold, rosehip, fennel, or rosemary to mention only be the best-known herbal ingredients. The extracts of these many plants form a harmonious blend in which the ingredients complement each other’s effects.


ALOE VERA Aloe Vera Anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, promotes skin regeneration and exfoliation. ARGÁN OLAJ Argan oil Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, soothes sensitive dry skin. ARGÁN ŐSSEJT Argan stem cell Skin firming, cell renewing, anti-wrinkle. Penetrates the deeper layer of the skin and exerts its effect there. AVOKÁDÓ OLAJ Avocado oil It moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic, and has a particularly good effect on sensitive skin. It aids cell renewal with vitamins A, D, E, and minerals rich in antioxidants. B5 PROVITAMIN Provitamin B5 It has skin regenerating and cell renewal effect, delays the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes the fine lines. Increases the water retention capacity of the skin. C-VITAMIN Vitamin C Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. It promotes collagen formation, plays an important role in maintaining the hydration of the skin, making it tight and smooth. Protects skin from harmful UVB rays and negative environmental effects. E-VITAMIN Vitamin E Protects thin skin against harmful environmental effects. Fat-soluble vitamin, contributes to maintaining healthy skin. Strong antioxidant, prevents free radicals, prevents premature skin aging, increases moisturization. FŰZFAKÉREG Willow bark extract Anti-inflammatory substance. GLADBACK Gladback™ Poria cocos is a Chinese mushroom extract, which has a particularly beneficial effect on the condition of the mature skin surface. Slows down the aging process of mature skin, improves skin firmness, stimulates microcirculation of the skin and reduces wrinkles. HOMEOSTATINE Homeostatine Its main active ingredient is an isolated oligosaccharide of seaweed and an extract from the roots of Andean tarafa. Restores the balance of the skin. Strengthens the structure of the skin matrix. Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. HOMOKTÖVISOLAJ Sea Buckthorn Oil Due to its anti-inflammatory, tissue regenerating and antibacterial properties, it has a beneficial effect on dry skin thanks to its vitamin E and essential fatty acid content. HYALURONSAV Hyaluronic acid It is an excellent moisturizing agent that tightens the skin. JOJOBA Jojoba oil The jojoba oil has very good moisturizing properties, makes the skin soft and velvety and has excellent water retention ability to help the skin not to dry out. KÖRÖMVIRÁG KIVONAT Calendula extract It has anti-inflammatory, epithelial effect, promotes scarring, vitamin E has beneficial effects on the skin, stimulates tissue regeneration and soothes the skin. KÖRÖMVIRÁG OLAJ Calendula Oil It has anti-inflammatory, epithelial effect, promotes scarring, its vitamin E content has beneficial effects on the skin, stimulates tissue regeneration and soothes the skin. KUKORICACSIRA OLAJ Corn Germ Oil Corn germ oil obtained by cold-pressing contains essential fatty acids that are essential for the vital functions of the human body. Corn germ oil has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect. MANDULAOLAJ Almond oil Almond oil hydrates, soothes the skin, makes it more flexible and tight. NAPRAFORGO Sunflower stem extract The sunflower stalk holds a very heavy flower / crop plate compared to its weight without breaking, and it is so flexible that it can follow the direction of the Sun and the cells are not damaged during these processes. The material that gives this flexibility to the sunflower stem is auxin. OLÍVAOLAJ Olive oil Due to its vitamin E content, it has anti-wrinkle and regenerative effect, and thus makes the skin surface soft and smooth. ROZMARING Rosemary It improves blood circulation in subcutaneous tissues. RETINOL Retinol It provides effective protection against premature skin aging, plays an important role in preserving the youth of the skin, slows down the collagen degradation and stimulates the formation of new connective tissue fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Refreshes, tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles. SHEA VAJ Shea butter Shea Butter is a natural substance that makes the skin finer, softens wrinkles, reduces skin irritation. Its Vitamin E and beta-carotene content has softening, regenerating effect. Enhances the effect of other active ingredients such as sunscreens. SZŐLŐMAGOLAJ Grape Seed Oil It is made through a cold pressing process, so that the valuable antioxidants and vitamins in the grape seeds are not damaged. It is able to regenerate collagen in tissues, prevent premature skin aging and thus creates smoother, more elastic skin. TOKAJI ASZU Tokaji aszú and essence The essence mainly consists of sugars and amino acids, but its main effect is to increase the effectiveness of the formulations when added to cosmetics. It has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the skin, improves blood circulation and has a disinfecting effect. VITASOURCE Vitasource An active ingredient made from the roots of the Baikal Whistle, that delays cell aging.