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Helia-D Herba Rosemary Cream 100 ml

Helia-D Herba Rosemary Cream 100 ml

A cream with rosemary extract. The skin softening and moisturizing active ingredients provide care for your skin, and the other active ingredients make this cream especially suited for massaging tired and aching body parts.

Active ingredients: Rosemary extract, grape seed oil, pepper extract, mint extract, menthol.

Free from artificial dyes and perfumes and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients!
Warning: This product contains menthol, if you are allergic to this ingredient do not use this product! The pepper extract in the cream may cause skin redness that will fade after 10-15 minutes.

This cream contains highly concentrated herbal extracts. The raw materials and active ingredients in this product meet the quality specifications of the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia and the Hungarian standards. If you want to learn more about the effects of the herbal ingredients, please read the applicable literature!

How to use: Use the cream externally on clean and intact skin.