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Helia-D Cell Concept Firming + Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 45+ 50 ml

Helia-D Cell Concept Firming + Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 45+ 50 ml

The orchid stem cell extract improves the firmness, elasticity and glow of your skin. The cream improves the collagen and elastin production of your skin and the regeneration of the fibroblast cells. Retinol provides multi-level, effective protection against the premature aging of the skin. It plays an especially important role in retaining the youthfulness of the skin, it slows down collagen loss and stimulates the creation of new connective tissue fibers in the deeper layers of the skin, which makes your skin youthful and firm.  GladbackTM is a multi-purpose plant based active ingredient that improves the fullness and firmness of the skin, stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin, improves type 4 collagen synthesis and the stability of the skin and reduces wrinkles appearing with age. Apricot oil prevents the aging of the skin, while also revitalizes and tones it. It’s rich in unsaturated fatty acids that naturally regenerate the skin and smooth out the connective tissues. Lipogard restores the lipid content of the barrier layer of the skin, so your skin becomes firmer and toned. Hydroveg® R provides quicker hydration. Vitamin E protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, prevents its premature aging, and also improves cell regeneration and reduces the depth of wrinkles. The additional valuable, plant based active ingredients (Shea butter, calendula oil, grape seed oil) have a skin softening and regenerating effect.

Directions: Apply the cream evenly on clean skin in the evening, carefully keep it away from the eye area, and then massage it into the skin with circular motions.

Results: Regular use reduces the depth of the wrinkles, and your skin will appear smoother, firmer and younger.

Dermatologically tested.

*GladbackTM: An extract from the Poria Cocos mushroom also used in traditional Asian medicine, it is especially beneficial for aging skin.

*Lipogard: A complex with a mixture of Q10 coenzyme and Vitamin E.

*Hydroveg® R: Moisturising complex designed according to NMF composition.